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With over 20 years of experience.

Facilities, Civil Engineering, and Assemblies

We are experts in the safe and efficient installation of industrial equipment, ensuring lasting results in every project, from planning to execution.

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Automation and IT Industrial

Our cutting-edge industrial automation and IT solutions enhance the efficiency and performance of your equipment, ensuring optimal connectivity.

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Design and Engineering Services

At FTS, we turn ideas into functional solutions with our high-level engineering, meeting your excellence standards.

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Installations, Civil Work and Assemblies

We have the expertise to efficiently and safely install and assemble industrial equipment. From planning to execution, we ensure optimal performance and lasting results in every project.

Automation and IT

FTS's advanced industrial automation and IT solutions optimize your equipment with cutting-edge technology, always ensuring efficiency, performance, and connectivity for your machinery.

Engineering and design

At FTS, our design and high engineering services transform concepts and ideas into functional realities, driving excellence and turning high engineering requirements and developments into reality.

About us

At FTS Solutions, we are leaders in technology solutions, providing cutting-edge industrial projects and equipment that optimize our customers' production processes. Our commitment to customer satisfaction drives us to offer high-quality products backed by exceptional service. We strive for excellence through constant innovation.

With the trust of large companies in the industry, including:

Our Projects

More than 300 projects delivered in Mexico and the USA back us up.

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